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Monday 4 August, 2014 - Day 28

It’s been exactly one month today since I started working out. Happy anniversary to me!

- 1 minute and 30 seconds of golf ball arms
- 1 minute and 10 seconds of soccer ball arms
- 20 half-cobra push ups
- 20 triceps dips
- 20 (each arm) bicep curls 
- 25 lats 
- 50 rows
- 20 back sit ups
- 10 supermen
- 1 minute bridge pulses
- 1 minute 20 seconds long bridge pulses
- 10 grasshoppers
- 1 minute (each leg) heel kicks
- 1 minute (each leg) pointed thigh lifts
- 20 (each side) side crunches
- 20 love heart leg lifts
- 30 eagle abs’

On top of that, I had to walk approx five minutes to each class (twice), walk up three hills (down two), and walk up so many stairs! 

Decisions, decisions

So, I’ve decided that instead of working on one body part a day, I’m going to do 1 exercise video for abs, 1 for booty, 1 for arms, 1 for back, 1 for legs (5 videos on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays) and maybe a 1 whole body exercise video on either Saturdays or Sundays, depending on how I’m feeling. Plus, cardio on these days too. 

Saturday 2 August, 2014 - Day 27


- 3-4 minutes of jump rope
- 50 jumping jacks
- 20 alternating lunges
- 15 tuck jumps

- What Makes You Bootyful Challenge (Blogilates)
- Bikini booty thong workout (Blogilates)

My booty is on fire!

Thursday 31 July, 2014 - Day 25


- Love your body with HIIT! High intensity interval training (Tone It Up)

This afternoon, I’m jogging the stairs with small exercises in between each jog (up and down).
Just finished doing ‘booty blasting stair circuit (Tone It Up)’, and it killed.

And I’ve just realised that in three days, it’s my one month anniversary for working out! New record for me! 

(Making up for yesterday - Day 23) + Wednesday 30 July, 2014 - Day 24

Tuesday (make up)

- Toned and sexy abs (Tone It Up)
- Bikini abs routine! Bikini series (Tone It Up)

Arms, shoulders and back:

- Tone up your back workout (Tone It Up)
- Love your arms and abs with Karena (Tone It Up)
- Bikini arms routine! Bikini series (Tone It Up)
- 3 moves for a sexy upper back (Tone It Up)
- Sexy sculpted shoulders (Tone It Up)

I’m certainly feeling the burn. 

(Making up for Sunday - day 21, and Monday - day 22)

Sunday (Booty):

- Beach ready butt workout (Blogilates)
- Pippa’s butt workout (Blogilates)
- Super butt workout (Blogilates)

Monday (Legs):

- 5 best thigh slimming exercises (Blogilates)
- Inner thigh clarity challenge (Blogilates)
- Perfect legs workout (Blogilates)

IBD sucks

One of the many things I hate about having IBD is the fact that during my flare ups, I can’t exercise. And also, I don’t eat much due to the limited food I can have (Plus, I’m scared to eat). 

My friend once said to me that she would love having IBD because she’d be skinny. So I told her she could have my IBD in exchange for her healthy body. 

Dear girls scared of intimacy because of your IBD,


I am, too. It’s scary. Being around someone all the time and trying to feel sexy and trying to be feminine - it’s hard. But someone will be okay with all of it. Someone will laugh at your poop stories with you and then not laugh at you when you have an accident in public. Someone will ask if you…

Very true. 

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