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IBD sucks

One of the many things I hate about having IBD is the fact that during my flare ups, I can’t exercise. And also, I don’t eat much due to the limited food I can have (Plus, I’m scared to eat). 

My friend once said to me that she would love having IBD because she’d be skinny. So I told her she could have my IBD in exchange for her healthy body. 

Dear girls scared of intimacy because of your IBD,


I am, too. It’s scary. Being around someone all the time and trying to feel sexy and trying to be feminine - it’s hard. But someone will be okay with all of it. Someone will laugh at your poop stories with you and then not laugh at you when you have an accident in public. Someone will ask if you…

Very true. 

Friday 25, 2014 - Day 19

Bendable body:

- 15 minutes of ‘Fat burning cardio workout - fitness blender cardio workout at home’ (FitnessBlender)
- Relax with me stretch routine (Blogilates)
- How to do the splits | invade London (Blogilates) 

My little sister and her friend accompanied me today. My sister quit after the stretching, but her friend stayed till the end. 

My sis has always been fitter than me, but now, I’m fitter than her. Yay!

Monday 21 July, 2014 - Day 15

It’s leg day today! 

- Killer legs challenge (Blogilates)
- Saddlebag shaver (Blogilates)
- 5 best thigh slimming exercises (Blogilates)
+ I did ‘love handle hysteria’ (Blogilates) because it’s got a bit of legs in there too (and because I wanted my body to burn)

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